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This is a great video showcasing some of the young minds who are demanding brands to grow by giving back to the planet and its people. I think all brand owners will gain from listening to Erin.


This is my first podcast to introduce myself and also the focus of the podcast sessions. We will be discussing brand stories of some cool brands that are differentiating themselves by making a difference and growing their tribe.

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Brand Positioning, Consumer Insights, Creative Strategy, Content Matrix mapping across media channels, Digital Strategy and activation mapping, Co creation methods with markets, Communication Effectiveness tracking, Creative Agency evaluation and coaching, How to generate creative ideas with speed and accuracy.

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The three C’s of building cool global brands.

While working as the Global Director of Marketing Communication on the Heineken brand in Amsterdam i have learnt a lot about brand building . I have learnt that culture does matter more than commerce. I have learnt that passionate people are the hardest to grow and the easiest to lose. I have learnt that office politics is the silent killer of all progress in organisations. But all this is for another day . Today i want to share with you my secret formula for how global brands can be built and nurtured in an enduring, empathetic and inspiring manner. This…

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